Bucardo Brand: Apple Watch Necklace & Pocket Watch Accessories

Bucardo Brand: Apple Watch Necklace & Pocket Watch Accessories

If you had searched for ways to wear an Apple Watch as a necklace, you would surely come across Bucardo. Based in California, the company specializes in designing accessories for the Apple Watch. Bucardo’s products include accessories that convert the tech-centric Apple Watch to a classical style locket to wear around your neck or a pinstripe pocket watch that you can tie to the buttonhole of your waistcoat. In short, Bucardo as a brand is all about tech meets classiness.

I first came across Bucardo when I was researching for the smart pocket watch post. I was looking for a quick & easy way for our readers to make their own smart pocket watch out of an Apple Watch and Bucardo’s products caught my eyes. Their products’ timeless classiness immediately stood out and left a deep impression on me, so I thought I’d write a short article about them.

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Founding & Kickstarter

The company was founded by two siblings — Jonas and Jessica Lee — sometime in 2014/2015. It wasn’t clear if the company’s original goal was to design accessories for Apple Watch. But when the Apple Watch was released in April 2015, the brother-sister duo must have decided to capitalize on the opportunities created by the new Apple product. Four months after that in August 2015, Bucardo launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The campaign was an immediate success. A total of $30k was pledged (their goal was $25k). That meant sales and publicity. Media like PopSugar, Bustle, and ABC News were writing about this sensational accessory.

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Bucardo Apple Watch Accessories

Bucardo offers two categories of accessories: pocket watch and necklace. In the necklace category, there are charm necklace, locket necklace, separate charms, and leather cord.

All of these accessories work in similar ways. Namely, they make clever use of the band slot on an Apple Watch to grab on to the necklace and pocket watch chain etc.

Pocket Watch. Transform your Apple Watch into a pocket watch by removing the bands and sliding in the pocket watch attachment where the band was. This accessory comes with a stylish front cover and matching chain; on the other end of the chain is a carabiner to secure your smart pocket watch to a buttonhole or a belt loop. The collection features various classic designs, for example, gold pinstripe and silver hammered.

Bucardo Apple pocket watch - gold pinstripe design

Locket Necklace. The locket necklace works in a similar way as the pocket watch. However, instead of a pocket watch chain, you get a nice necklace to wear around your neck. The design also deviates slightly from the pocket watch’s classic, masculine appeal. Instead, it is more elegant in a playful way. Designs available are starburst and constellation.

Bucardo locket necklace accessory for Apple Watch

Charm Necklace. For this accessory, there’s no front cover to hide the face of your Apple Watch. Instead, it comes with a decorative charm that dangles on the other band slot. There are many designs available and you can check them out in their online store.

Bucardo charm necklace

See the Bucardo pocket watch in action:-

Apple Watch Series 4 / 5 and Beyond

Except for the original Apple Watch (i.e. Series 1), Apple has been releasing a new generation of smartwatches every year in September. Unfortunately, Bucardo has failed to keep up with Apple’s release schedule for one reason or another. As of the time of writing, Bucardo has yet released any accessories that are compatible with the Series 4 and 5 watches. And it has been almost two years since Series 4 was released. Their homepage has been saying “Series 4 accessories coming soon” since 2018. “Series 5” was added to the sentence after it was released in 2019. I honestly hope it isn’t true but I can’t shake the feeling that perhaps the Bucardo accessories for Series 4 and beyond are just a pipe dream.

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Jidenna Pocket Watch

Jidenna's gold pocket watch in the music video for Bambi is a Bucardo product

Early in the music video for Bambi, Jidenna is shown flipping open a gold, pinstriped pocket watch to reveal a smartwatch. His bespoke outfit and gold pocket watch has inspired many discussions on the internet. What exactly is this smart pocket watch Jidenna the rapper was wearing and where can I get one? And the answer is it’s an Apple Watch embedded in a Bucardo pinstripe pocket watch accessory.

See it for yourself in the video. The watch shows up around the 19-second mark.


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Mountain Goat

The Bucardo brand was named after the Bucardo mountain goat which was the first species to be brought back from extinction. According to the Bucardo’s company webpage, that symbolizes “a story of ingenuity, hope and resolve.” That is certainly inspirational until I dig a little deeper and found that the “revived” animal only survived for 10 minutes. Bucardo the mountain goat has the misfortune of being perhaps the only species that went extinct, twice. As someone who appreciates the aesthetics of the Bucardo accessories, I hope that the brand doesn’t suffer the same misfortune as the namesake animal does.

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