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Many gentlemen did not aware when the temperature begins to drop, our skin needs proper skin care routine to prevent severe dermal discomforts like dryness, peeling, and irritation. It’s often too late for them to realize their skin needs an extra dose of moisture, as the season’s weather is usually well on its way to wreaking havoc on your already dry, tight, flaky skin. This is why it is advisable that to always think of your skin care routine the same way that you would do on your wardrobe, seasonal. 

5 Skin Care Tips (Winter) for Men

Below are some skin care tips that a man who care about his appearance should pay attention to during the winter months.

Tip 1: Never Skip Sunscreen

Even in winter, harmful UVA and UVB rays are still present. So It’s essential to remain diligent about SPF even it’s gloomy or rainy day out there. If you dislike the stickiness of sunscreen, pick an oil-free and water-based sunscreen lotion. Just remember to reapply it every time before you go outside to prevent the chance of getting deep lines, wrinkles and dark spots due to excessive exposure to the sun.

Tip 2: Exfoliating aka. Face Scrub

It’s not strange that many men do not perform exfoliating in all year round. However, exfoliating is relatively important in the winter because this step helps to remove the dead skin and make sure your moisturizer is penetrating into your skin and working as effectively as possible. Remember to pick gentle exfoliator to slough off the dead and dry skin. Do not over exfoliate because it might remove essential skin cells that hold moisture.


Tip 3: Shave Right

For men who have beard, shaving becomes an integral part of their routine. This has to be done right, otherwise, you might risk your skin for getting redness, itchiness or irritation after shaving. Use a moisturizing shaving gel or pre-shave oil to soothe the shaving area, and after shaving, apply post-shave product to calm the irritated skin. We recommend you to shave in the shower since the steam opens up the pores and softens skin and it would be easier to perform shaving after all.

Tip 4: Use Face Moisturizer

The lack of humidity in the air during winter can sap the moisture from your skin. All you have to remember is moisture, moisture, and moisture. Invest a good face moisturizer that can keep the dry skin away and one that can lock in moisture. Don’t go for the heaviest cream on the shelf, in fact, there are many good moisturizers that are lightweight, able to lock water and help in maintaining moisture throughout the day.


Tip 5: Before Bedtime is Men’s Skin Care Time

The research proved that applying skin care product before bedtime creates softer, more hydrated, and better-looking skin the next day.  Apply men’s face cream before bedtime, and the extra lipids will help to replenish and re-moisture your skin throughout the sleeping night. If you are over 30, apply some face serum can help fight free radicals, which can cause the skin to age faster than normal.

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