How to Buy Perfume for Your Girlfriend

Perfume buying tips for girlfriend - tips and tricks on how to pick a perfume gift for your girl

Perfume is a staple product for every woman. Whether she’s sporty or girlie, young or mature… there’s most likely a bottle stashed in her purse, displayed on her dresser, or tucked into her desk at work. However, this classic beauty product isn’t an easy thing to buy, especially when you’re buying it for someone else.

Scents are extremely personal because of the emotional connection we make with them. The sense of smell is the most powerful sense of the human body and is 150,000 times more sensitive than eyesight. Perfume can deepen a connection with someone. Have you ever noticed the scent of your girlfriend lingering on a pillow or on a shirt she borrowed? One whiff and her signature scent is imprinted in your mind. Her perfume creates a connection because you’re thinking about her long after she’s gone.

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Tips for Buying Perfume for Your Girlfriend

Since perfume is such a useful – and sensual – part of a woman’s beauty routine, it can make a thoughtful gift for any occasion.

But how do you know you’re buying a bottle of perfume that your girlfriend will actually love? And more important, how can you avoid buying her fragrance that smells disgusting to her?

You can always ask her… but to be honest, that makes you kind of a boring boyfriend. Follow these steps and fool-proof tips instead.

Raid Your Girlfriend’s Perfume Collection

If you want to buy your girlfriend perfume, put on your detective hat and do some digging. You’ll be doing this ninja-style. She shouldn’t be aware that you’re secretly surveying her collezione.

Check her perfume supply and make a note of what bottles and brands she already owns. Then, notice which bottles are the most empty indicating which scents she wears most often.

What if you can’t find her perfume bottles? Maybe she has them locked away in an opaque chest to deter perfume theft. Or perhaps she has never owned any fragrances before and you’ll be buying her first perfume ever. If that’s the case, check her shampoo, deodorant, hair products or lotions and see if you can detect a pattern.

Does she like floral, citrus, or stronger scents? By gathering a list of perfumes or scents you know she enjoys, you have a better chance of choosing something she will like.

Play the Perfume Game

If you can’t raid her closet, then you need to sharpen your senses and make an excuse to smell your girlfriend.

It’s not as weird as it sounds if you make it a fun, flirty game. Try to describe her perfume by explaining what your nose picks up.

To look like a pro, try to pull terms from this fragrance wheel like floral, fruity, citrusy, or woody. Then ask her to do the same.

This seductive exercise will leave you with a library of fragrance terms to help your selection process. Plus, it might even lead to some other “fun” activities.


Another smart strategy for picking the perfect perfume is a simple DM away.

Thankfully, women love to talk about their likes and dislikes with each other and fragrance preference is no exception.

Text or message one of her friends and tell them about your perfume gift idea. Ask if they have any advice or know of any perfumes she wants to try.

Not only will you get some trusted insider’s tips, but it’ll give you some extra points with the friend for being a sweet, thoughtful guy (and you can never have enough of those).

Less Isn’t More

Once you are armed with some brands and/or scent ideas, head to a store that sells perfume – and lots of it.

A larger selection means more options, types, and prices. Fragrance costs can range greatly depending on their ingredients and quality.

Lower quality, cheap perfumes aren’t only disliked by most women, but they can contain harmful carcinogenic ingredients. If you can muster the budget, a higher-priced bottle is always the best choice.

One way to cut costs is by buying a rollerball or travel size perfume of a high-end brand.

Another option is passing on the more expensive “perfume” (the strongest, most concentrated formula), to choose a more diluted version like an “Eau de Parfum” or “Eau de Toilette.” You’ll get the same scent for a cheaper cost. The only downside is that diluted formulas only last two to four hours, whereas perfume lasts six or more.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

There’s no need to do this alone!

Go find a helpful staff member to aid your quest. Tell them your budget and any notes you gathered to help give the employee some direction. Hopefully, he/she will be able to recommend a few options for you to try.

Then it’s finally the fun part. Start smelling and choose your champion! Pick a scent that reminds you of your girlfriend and her unique personality. Keep in mind this smell will become a large part of your life, so pick the one you don’t mind smelling all day long!

Other Perfume Tips & Pitfalls to Avoid

Here are a few other tips to remember and mistakes to avoid when buying your girlfriend perfume.

  • NEVER buy her one of your ex’s perfumes, no matter how much you like it
  • Consider a perfume that comes in a set including a shower gel or other product(s)
  • Keep an eye out for sales, promotions or other discounts
  • Ask for free samples at the checkout counter to surprise your girlfriend with
  • If you’re shopping at a store your girlfriend frequents, use her membership card to get her points (she’ll thank you extra for it)

Choosing the right perfume your girlfriend will love might seem like a tricky and complex gift at first, but with a little planning, your perfume will be appreciated and loved for months – or years – to come. Perfume is the gift that keeps on giving, so good luck!

[This post was contributed by Amanda. Thanks, Amanda!]