How to Wash a Bomber Jacket: The Ultimate Cleaning Guide

How To Clean A Flight Bomber Jacket
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Not sure how to wash your favorite jacket? In this jacket cleaning guide, you will learn all you need to know about cleaning your bomber jacket.

Have you ever wondered should I wash my bomber jacket in the washer or directly send it to the dry cleaner? If you decide to wash it your own, do you know the correct steps to do the cleaning? A bomber jacket can be made of different fabrics like leather, wool, nylon, and suede. Each of these fabrics has different cleaning methods, which does complicate things considerably. But don’t worry too much, because it will only take you 5 minutes to learn how to clean a bomber jacket by following the steps and tricks laid out in this cleaning guide.

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Bomber Jacket Cleaning Guide

What is the proper way to keep your favorite bomber jacket clean?

Step 1: Understand Your Bomber Jacket

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Before you purchase a bomber jacket, always ask for the cleaning instructions from the seller if you’re not sure about it. Read the product description carefully and understand what is the fabric used to make the bomber jacket. If the bomber jacket comes with fur inside or detached with fur hood, you need to know if the fur is removable as we don’t want to risk losing its puff due to improper care.

The cleaning method for a leather fabric is almost similar for every jacket. If your bomber jacket is made of leather material, please follow the instructions on this link – How to care for a leather jacket.


Step 2: Read the Jacket Label

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Rather than searching the cleaning method of a bomber jacket online, we urged you to spare a minute to read the care label first. This care label will tell you as much information as you want, including the cleaning instructions.

Here is a complete reference list for a care label.

Bomber Jacket Outfit Care Label

Some bomber jackets can only be hand-washed, into the washer on a special cycle or bring it to the professional dry cleaner. So it is crucial to read its label first before performing any cleaning.

Step 3: Fasten all clasps and fasteners

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When the jacket gets wet, the down-filled materials can rip easily in the washer by anything that can pull and catch the fabric during the washing process. That is why it is important that you prepare the jacket by following these steps below before sending it to wash:

  • Zip the zipper up.
  • Button each button.
  • Close hook and loop fasteners.
  • Secure flaps.
  • Remove items from the pockets and secure the pockets.
  • Remove fur hood or fur inside the jacket (if possible).

Step 4: Washing the Bomber Jacket

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Machine-wash Tips and Preparation

Usually, a bomber jacket made with nylon or synthetic cotton blend can be washed in a washer, but as we said, it all depends on your care label.

  1. Avoid mixing with other fabrics when washing your jackets.
  2. Place mild detergent into the washer. Follow the instructions on the detergent to determine how much to use.
  3. Place the washer on a “delicate” cycle and remember to use cold water.
  4. Skip the spin cycle. It’s better to air dry the jacket by hanging it up or selecting the “air dry” feature on the dryer machine.

Hand-wash Steps and Tips

In most cases, it is safe to hand wash wool fabric, including blends. Some readers even claim that suede bomber jacket can be hand washed too, but let the wash label be your guide.

  1. Place mild detergent in a sink. Follow the instructions on the detergent to determine how much to use.
  2. Run cool water in the sink.
  3. Wash the jacket by hand by scrubbing the fabric on itself and wringing it with your hands.
  4. Rinse with cool water.
  5. Air dry the jacket by hanging it up.

When properly cared for, your bomber jacket can last for decades. Remember proper washing and storing will help your bomber jacket last longer and perform at its best.

Extra Bomber Jacket Caring Tips

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If your bomber jacket is made of undetachable fur, shearling, or leather, it is advisable that you bring it to the professional dry cleaner. Also, if you have a vintage bomber jacket that is worth a lot of money (or memories), you should not try to clean it on your own, instead bring it to a dry cleaner that specializes in vintage and delicate pieces.