A Quick Overview of the Tissot Watch Brand

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Tissot is a prominent watch brand that has established itself as one of the most famous pioneers in watchmaking. Today Tissot is a global brand that operates in more than 160 countries despite its humble beginnings. The company unveiled its first pocket watch in 1853 and has continued to launch innovative designs that have made it one of the industry leaders.

An Overview of the Tissot Watch Company & Brand

The company has an outstanding history of designing and manufacturing exceptional dress and sports watches that spans over 165 years. Tissot is a well-respected brand globally for leveraging innovation and technology to exceed customer expectations.

Tissot’s determination to push beyond the boundaries of technology has enabled the company to develop high-quality mechanical watches and sports timepieces.

The brand has, on many occasions, been an official timekeeper and partner for global sporting events due to its precision. For instance, the company has been the official timekeeper for International Basketball Federation and MotoGP. The company has also sponsored many sporting events such as the NBA, fencing, motorcycling, and ice hockey, as highlighted below.

Tissot’s leading products are Tissot T-Touch, Tissot Le Locle, Tissot Men’s PRS516 Powermatic 80, Carson Watch and Chemin Des Tourelles Squelette.

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Mission statement

‘To make excellence accessible.’ The company has designed and developed a collection of watches suitable for individuals seeking a luxury Swiss timepiece at a fair price. The company offers its customers high-tech products created with advanced functions and materials.



The brand’s motto is “Innovators by Tradition.” The organization’s logo features a plus (+) sign that symbolizes Swiss quality, positivity, reliability, and progress. The company recently launched a new tagline that has resonated with many of its customers. “Tissot, this your time.”

Important Moments of Tissot’s History

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The company was established in 1853 by Charles-Felicien Tissot and Charles-Emile Tissot at Le Locle. The company is still headquartered in the Swiss city to this day. The company developed its reputation by creating highly reliable pocket watches. These watches appealed to a large audience across the globe.

In 1930, the organization developed Tissot Antimagnetique, the world’s first anti-magnetic wristwatch. This watch was great news for the aviation industry, professionals, scientists, and engineers.

In the same year, the firm merged with Omega. The Tissot-Omega watches developed during the 1930s are still highly sought timepieces.

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In 1983, Tissot became a Swiss Swatch Group subsidiary. The Group is the largest producer and distributor of watches in the world. Today, the company is well known for manufacturing finely crafted and affordable luxury watches. The firm has contributed significantly to the history of the luxury watch industry through innovation, creative design, and pushing beyond the boundaries of technology.

Tissot’s Notable Inventions


The firm has been one of the leaders in watch design. It has embraced innovation throughout its history to develop high-quality watches.
Tissot was the first company to mass-produce the pocket watch. In 1853, the company developed the first pocket watch in the world, featuring a single movement and two time zones.

In 1930, Tissot developed the first anti-magnetic wristwatch.

The company invented the Idea 2001 watch that was the first to be made from plastic. The watch was released in 1971.

In 1985, the firm developed Tissot RockWatch, which features a case made of natural stone, which continued the company’s theme development through innovative materials.

In 1987, the company released the Tissot Pearl wristwatch featuring a mother of pearl case.

In 1988, the company unveiled the Tissot Wood timepiece that featured the world’s first wooden case.

In 1999, Tissot developed T-Touch, which was the first touchscreen-operated wristwatch watch in the world.

Today, the firm has a reputation for designing appealing sports watches that go beyond the boundaries of technology and producing eye-catching dress watches.

Leading Products

Men’s Tissot Chemin Des Tourelles Squelette

This watch blends the traditional craftsmanship with current detailing, making it ideal for men attracted to a formidable timepiece. It features a stainless steel casing and a tortoiseshell leather strap. The watch is luxurious and versatile as it can be worn on special occasions, VIP meetings, or night-outs.

Tissot Ladies’ Prc200 Chronograph Watch

A classic ladies’ chronograph that features a brown leather strap and rose gold-colored hands. It fits everyday activities and perfectly matches office wear or a pair of jeans.

Tissot Men’s Prs516 Powermatic 80

Inspired by the 1960s motor-sports golden era, the watch has a modern appeal due to its sleek leather strap and rose gold casing. Its automatic Powermatic function makes it ideal for racing and sports. It features an 80 hours power reserve.

Tissot Brand Ambassadors

The company’s watches have been worn on the wrists of famous celebrities such as Angelina Jolie in the film Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Simon Pegg in Mission Impossible.
Prominent personalities such as Nelson Mandela, Grace Kelly, Elvis Presley, and the Duchess of Cambridge have all been spotted wearing a Tissot timepiece.

Tissot has signed many partnerships deals with numerous celebrities over the years ranging from movie stars to sportspeople, incorporating diverse cultures, skills, personalities, and nationalities together. The current ambassadors include:

  • Damian Lillard, an NBA star who won the NBA Rookie Award in 2013. He loves Tissot due to its ability to adapt to every style.
  • Primoz Roglic, Champion of La Vuelta 2021.
  • Clint Capela, a Swiss forward for Atlanta Hawks.
  • Arthur Chen, a Chinese movie star.
  • Klay Thompson, Three-time NBA Champion, Olympic gold medal winner, and NBA 3-point content winner.
  • Liu Yi Fei, a Chinese singer, actor, and model who has featured in films such as The Legend of Sword and Fairy.
  • Marc Marquez, holder of eight world motorcycling championship titles.
  • Tony Parker, six-time All-Star and four-time NBA champion.
  • Huang Xiaoming, one of the most famous Chinese actor
  • Thomas Luthi, Moto 2 racer.

Tissot and Sports Partnerships

The company has been named a partner and official timekeeper for several global events and championships. They include:

  • Ice hockey
  • Motorsports (FIM World Superbike Championship and MotoGP)
  • Rugby (The European Rugby Champions and Challenge Cup, and RBS Nations Championship)
  • Cycling (world cycling championships and Tour de France)
  • Fencing
  • Basketball (NBA, CBA and FIBA).
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