9 Interesting Facts About Longines Watches

Longines is the epitome of elegance and tradition. The art of crafting watches is embedded in their DNA. Born and bred in Switzerland, this company has deep-rooted ties with fine watchmaking. Initiated in 1832 in Saint-Imier, Switzerland, Longines has made history with their discoveries and innovation. With almost 200 years of hands-on experience, wearing a Longines on your wrist is more of a story than an accessory. Let’s dive into the 9 facts you never knew about this innovative company.

Longines classic design

1. Longines has stores in over 150 countries.

It has an international market appeal. The refined and timeless construction of each piece lends itself to many cultures and styles of dressing. Longines watches come in several designs and color palettes, yet elegance is always at the forefront.

Longines Master Collection


2. The Origin of Longines’ Name

The name “Longines” comes from a roadside location. Unlike popular brands such as “Versace” and “Dior” named after their respective founders, Longines is a bit different. Founded by Auguste Agassiz, the original name for Longines was “Raiguel Jeune & Cie.” This name was chosen due to the two additional partners Agassiz had at the time. Once the partners retired from the company, Agassiz was left as the only owner.

With his newfound position, he decided to hire his nephew, Ernest Francillon. Francillon was a trained economist. Many of the accomplishments that set the brand apart from other watchmakers were thanks to Francillon’s innovation. After Agassiz’s passing, Francillon took over the business and created the brand’s first manufacturing plant. It was there in “Es Longines” that changed the brand forever. Francillon changed the company name to Longines as a tribute to the location.vintage longines watch

3. The Kentucky Derby Named Longines Its Official Timekeeper Since 2011

It only makes sense that Longines would team up with the longest-running sports event in America. With this event drawing crowds of over 160,000 attendees, Longines is showcased in front of thousands of buyers. This type of marketing keeps the brand relevant and invites new customers to purchase a timepiece. Their watches are perfectly paired for The Kentucky Derby where the attire is business/formal. In fact, The Kentucky Derby has hosted fashion contests with Longines. Fans are encouraged to share pictures of their attire on Twitter and Instagram. A grand prize will be gifted to the best-dressed man and woman. The prizes are Longines watches- one for men, one for women. The men’s is Master Collection Automatic with Moon Phase on Brown Alligator Strap. The women’s is Dolce Vita Silver Dial with Diamond Bezel on Blue Alligator Strap.

4. Longines Watches Are Found in James Bond Films But You Have to Watch Real Close

Longines has a few appearances on the famous movie franchises James Bond. The actors in James Bond wore Longines watches in 3 of the films. Mads Mikkelsen wore a Longines Evidenza Chronograph in Casino Royale during the poker scene. In Skyfall, a Longines Evidenza can be seen on the wrist of Doctor Hall and a Longines Legend Diver on Patrice’s wrist (played by Ola Rapace). In Spectre, Ralph Fiennes’s character sports a Longines Conquest Heritage. The elegance of Longines pairs well with the dapper nature of these films.

Another related fact you probably already know is the Longines brand belongs to the Swatch group which owns Omega, the official watch for Daniel Craig’s James Bond.

5. Longines Sponsors Over 40 Sporting Events Annually

To put this into perspective, no other timepiece company sponsors more sporting events than Longines. The total number has been listed at 40 events per year. It is important to mention these events are not small sporting gatherings. Longines is an active sponsor of luxury, high-end sporting engagements. While the brand tends to focus on equestrian sports, they do sponsor others including gymnastics, tennis, F1 races and The Common Wealth Games. The most common places you can find the Longines brand are at horse racing events, horse jumping events, FEI World Equestrian Games and many more.


Photo: Longines advertisement at French Open. Longines was the sponsor for French Open (also known as Roland-Garros) from 2007-2018 before Rolex took over the spot. Photo credit: François Goglins @ Wikimedia

6. Longines has had a substantial impact on the aviation industry

A pilot named Charles Augustus Lindbergh successfully completed a non-stop flight across the North Atlantic solo in 1927. It was during this nerve-racking flight that he realized how important latitude and longitude were for ensuring he knew where he was when flying.

He quickly came to the conclusion that other pilots must be getting lost easily without some sort of technology to calculate latitude and longitude. Longines and Lindbergh teamed up to solve this pensive problem. They created the Lindbergh Hour Angle watch. This watch was able to deliver precise location which was a big deal back in 1927. Flying was always a risky venture prior to the invention of this watch and only done by experienced soldiers in the war. For a pilot to accomplish this with the help of Longines marked an era in history. Many regard this watch as the single timepiece that changed aviation forever.

7. Birthplace = Current Headquarter

The birthplace of Longines is still where the company’s headquarter is to this day. Even after nearly 200 years, the brand has still stayed true to its roots and remained in Saint-Imier. It is a French-speaking municipality.

8. Longines Has a Museum Dedicated to, Well, Itself

Longines keeps a detailed record of every watch ever sold. While this may seem like a daunting task at first, the brand actually has a museum- The Longines Museum. In this museum are iconic watch models, photographs, medals and more. Among this collection of memorabilia are handwritten records of all watches sold ranging from 1867 to 1969. In fact, these records were used to inform owners they were in possession of a rare antique timepiece.

9. The Room of Past and Present Advertisement

For a company that seems to keep a hold of its history, Longines also has an entire room dedicated to past and present advertisements from the brand. This room is located in their museum. Visitors can see vintage Longines ads, posters and an assortment of photographs. What’s even more special is the testimonials. This room contains testimonials from Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, as well as current ambassadors such as Kate Winslet and Simon Baker.


Longines is truly the full package. Decades upon decades of beautifully-crafted watches for both men and women showcase the exquisite nature of Longines. These irresistible timepieces were built for a lifetime and then some.

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