Many men do not invest in shoes as much as the ladies, but there are still a few shoes that every man should buy and own.

We often found the same question in mind ‘How many shoes should I actually own?’ The answer varies. The absolutely bare minimum is two pairs of shoes. One for work and another for after-hour drinks. Of course, you’re not going overboard by buying another pair of sports shoes for your morning jog and a pair of oxfords for formal events.

All you have to do is choose your footwear wisely and make sure every pair of shoes has its own purpose so that it won’t just sit idle on the shoe rack for months — and heaven forbid — years.

We have curated 20 shoes that every man should own in the gallery below. But we hope you don’t take it too literally. Invest a pair of shoes that can match with your favorite attires and suitable for most occasions.

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Sneakers: shoes for a casual day out

Red sneaker

The sneaker is one of the essential items that men should have in their shoe closet, it is simple and can be paired easily with jeans and casual outfits.

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