Men wearing best blue blazer, white singlet and checked dress pants
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When your job requires you to wear a full suit for working, you definitely do not want to be looked over formal for your after-office activities. You probably won’t even have an hour to drive back home and get changed for something casual.


The good news is, men outfits doesn’t have to be so specific in wearing. You just have to take off your suit jacket and exchange it with a nice blazer, tada ~ you will have another style that has conservative and edgy looking.

The fabric of blazer can be wool fabric, denim or leather and the types of blazer can be from checked, pinstripe, printed to monotone.

Scroll down below to check out the 25 best blazers for men & how to wear them in style.

Brown wool blazer, blue jeans, white shirt, dotted tie and white sneaker

Brown wool blazer, blue jeans, white shirt, dotted tie, and white sneakers.
Brown, blue, and light color blazers always go well with blue jeans, just make sure you pick a lighter innerwear to make the layering stands out.

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