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The flexibility of the humble white shirt can be used to pair with anything and everything without having to worry much about the texture, color or fabric of the pairing elements. It is undeniable that a white shirt is a timeless wardrobe staple worth to be owned for any season or occasion. Trust me, it’s hard for you to go wrong with the white shirt.

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White Shirt – Every Man’s Wardrobe Essential

One of the basic outfits every man should have in his wardrobe definitely is a white shirt. A white shirt is no longer a formal outfit to be worn inside the office or to attend formal events like wedding, funerals, graduation or any other formal engagements.

The white shirt is the most essential outfit in the summer. Imagine if you sweat pretty much in front of your clients, the sweat stain on colored shirt definitely will affect your image.

White shirts can be worn as part of a formal or casual outfit depending on your style preferences. And yes, you can also make it part of your street outfit. It’s all about the mixing and matching. We have featured the mix of both styles for the white shirt lovers like us and we believe you are absolutely going to love these white shirt outfits we’ve curated for you today.


How To Wear A White Shirt?

There are a few ways to wear a white shirt nicely. The most classic one will be teaming a white Oxford shirt with a black or grey tie and black suit trousers. This style gives you a formal look without having to wear a full-on suit. If you are looking for a smart casual option, pair it with a good quality of blue jeans and a brown leather belt. You can pair it with a black leather jacket or overcoat if the weather is cold and wet.

During summer, you can opt for chinos or khaki pants with a white shirt and your smart summer look is nailed. If you need something more casual for summer holidays on the beach or a summer BBQ with mates, match a white short sleeve buttoned-down shirt with a pair of dark navy shorts. Just remember to add a brown braided leather belt and matching brown boat shoes or flip-flops to finish this laid-back look.


Mandarin collar white button down shirt, blue suit, and suede loafers

Mandarin collar white button down shirt, blue suit, and suede loafers.

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