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Have you ever experienced when you open your closet in the morning but you end up just standing there not knowing what to wear and how to wear for that day?

Capsule wardrobe is not a new fashion concept, instead, it was introduced around 1985. The idea of a capsule wardrobe is to create a minimalist wardrobe by eliminating the outfits to 37 pieces or less.

A minimalist wardrobe is basically classic, quality items in neutral colors that are interchangeable and easily pair or layer with each other.

However, this is not asking you to own a pair of jeans with a different color t-shirt for 7 days a week. A minimalist wardrobe can include casual chino, trousers, dress shirts, sports shirts, mid layer, casual jacket, hat and etc.

You can pair with these essential outfits and accessories and still look cool in your desired way.

One thing to remember: a minimalist wardrobe is different for every guy, so you can follow our guidelines below or just build your own styles!

Scroll left to check out the clothes a man needs in his minimalist wardrobe.

Gray t-shirt, dark color jeans, black hat and Chelsea boots

Black hat is one of the stylish items that could be used on any occasion. The concept of minimalism is to reuse a stylish item that can be paired with any kind of outfit and obviously black hat was.

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