Capsule Wardrobe for Men

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Have you ever experienced when you open your closet in the morning but you end up just standing there not knowing what to wear and how to wear for that day?

Capsule wardrobe is not a new fashion concept, instead, it was introduced around 1985. The idea of a capsule wardrobe is to create a minimalist wardrobe by eliminating the outfits to 37 pieces or less.

A minimalist wardrobe is basically classic, quality items in neutral colors that are interchangeable and easily pair or layer with each other.

However, this is not asking you to own a pair of jeans with a different color t-shirt for 7 days a week. A minimalist wardrobe can include casual chino, trousers, dress shirts, sports shirts, mid layer, casual jacket, hat and etc.

You can pair with these essential outfits and accessories and still look cool in your desired way.

One thing to remember: a minimalist wardrobe is different for every guy, so you can follow our guidelines below or just build your own styles!

Gray t-shirt, dark color jeans, black hat and Chelsea boots

Black hat is one of the stylish items that could be used on any occasion. The concept of minimalism is to reuse a stylish item that can be paired with any kind of outfit and obviously black hat was.

Black print t-shirt, blue jeans, sneaker and sport bag

Black never goes wrong, but be mindful with the words printed on the t-shirt.

Loosen white plain tee shirt, blue jeans, sunglasses and beanie hat

If you dislike wearing a cap, knitted headwrap could be another good choice. Plain color t-shirt definitely fit into the concept of minimalism.

Print white t-shirt, blue jeans, and white sneaker

White sneakers are the best shoes that pair well with any kind of pants.

Fitted white plain t-shirt, dress pants and white sneaker

A clean and modern outlook with plain white t-shirt (fitted), dress pants, and white sneakers.

White singlet, short pants, sunglasses and white sneaker

If it’s summertime, wearing a single color singlet could be a nice pick as well.

Gray printed sweater, black jeans, sunglasses, black sneaker and hand bag

You will definitely need at least one sweater in your minimalist wardrobe.

Blue sweater, white shirt, blue jeans and chukka boots

White hoodies, blue jeans and sneaker

A nice combination to be wear during fall.

Hawaiian shirt, chinos pants, sneaker

Imagine you need to go on vacation near the beach with your girlfriend, a piece of nice Hawaiian print shirt surely will not be too much because it can be wear during a casual day too.

Denim shirt, white jeans, white sneaker and sunglasses

Go with rocker looks with a damn nice denim shirt.

Checked shirt, blue jeans and suede boots

Dark blue suits, white formal shirt, leather dress shoes and tie

Whether you are wearing a full suit for working, you would still need a set of nicely designed suit in your minimalist wardrobe that fits into different occasions like wedding, funeral, graduation, or interview.

Black overcoat, white shirt, tie, dress pants, leather shoes

The overcoat is almost a necessary winter item to be wear during fall or winter. Keep one in your minimalist wardrobe. Black tie, black dress pants and leather monk strap dress shoes with white shirt are the coolest combination if you ask for minimalism.

White shirt, wool suit, black tie, black dress shoes and sunglasses

Gray suit with vest plus brown tie and brown Oxford dress shoes

Own a full set of shining suit that comes with a vest, it could be pretty cool to be wear in a wedding party.

Black suit, tee, sneaker

How could we miss the mighty black suits? Whether it is paired with white shirt or with a plain color t-shirt, it is still very trending and stylish.

White shirt, black pants with Chelsea boots

When we want to attend an after-work party, we might not want to wear a full suit as it is too formal. This is why we need a casual shirt that will not look over formal for a semi-formal event.

White shirt, khaki pants, boat shoes and stripe belt

Blue shirt, brown dress wool dress pants and dark brown monk strap dress shoes

Light blue shirt, brown chino pants and sneaker

Other than the white shirt, we think blue and gray shirt is another good choices. Blue shirt is a must for almost every man, whether it is light blue or dark blue.

Checked shirt, blue jeans, white sneaker and handbag

Whether it is a checked shirt or pinstripe shirt, they are the best fit for attending a semi-formal event.

Hoodie sweatshirt, denim jacket, black jeans and sneaker

Undoubtedly, every man should at least own a good jacket to protect himself from the elements. Whether it is made of denim, leather, wool, tweed or corduroy, and whether it is bomber, windbreaker, blazer or overcoat, you gotta own one at least in your minimalist wardrobe.

Bomber jacket, tee, jeans, sneaker

Bomber jacket is a stylish jacket that could pair with any kind of jacket. Pick bomber jacket if you only want to own one jacket in your minimalist wardrobe.

Gray blazer, white shirt, dress pants and sneaker

For more blazer examples, please check out the blazer collection lists we’ve picked before. The 25 Best Blazers for Men & How to Wear Them in Style

Gray wool overcoat, black tee, jeans, boots

Overcoat is only applied on fall or winter but it won’t be a bad idea to own one.

Sport jacket, sport pants and white sneaker

Sporty jackets aren’t only for workout outfits.

Leather jacket, tee, jeans, sneaker, snapback hat.

The leather jacket is one of the stylish items that we strongly recommend to own one. You don’t have to invest in a real leather which is costly. The leather jacket is so easy to be matched with any kind of t-shirt, shirt, and pants. A nice leather jacket could also last for years.

Black leather biker jacket, white tee shirt, black jeans, sneaker and sunglasses

Black leather biker jacket, white shirt, black jeans and white sneaker

Tank top, jeans, sneaker

We definitely do not want to miss out the sport wear series. Almost every man will do exercise, go to a gym or attend some existing outdoor activities. As a minimalist, you need to own at least 2 sets of sport wear for exchange.

White tank top, jogger pants and sneaker

Tank top, jogger pants, sneaker

A safer choice with all black sport wear.

Hooded tank top, singlet, short sport pants, sneaker

A sport wear style that is suitable for a morning jogging.

Sport jacket, sport pants, white tee, training shoes

Black singlet, short pants, sneaker

Singlet is not expensive and it could be wear everywhere, whether it is at home, gym, friend gathering or outdoor activities.

White singlet, sport pants, training shoes

White singlet, jogger pants

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