22 Summer Beach Wedding Guest Outfits for Men

What should a stylish gentleman such as yourself wear to a summer beach wedding as a guest? In this fashion guide dedicated to male wedding attendees, you will find fashionable wedding outfit ideas that will make you look smart and help you to stay cool literally.

There is just something magical about white shirts and summertime, so you will be finding plenty of those in this gallery. Suit jackets are not very cooling but you will still find them among our outfit recommendations because sometimes it’s worth taking the heat for some extra style points. Suit jackets do a terrific job at making you look confident by correcting your posture, maybe superficially but that is working out really well for modern men.

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What to wear to a friend’s beach wedding in summer? A Guide for Men.

Summer is amazing. I absolutely love this season of warmth. It’s the perfect excuse for wearing shorts and sandals to almost everywhere. Hang up a hammock between the trees and take a nap in the shades. Let’s not forget that it is also the best season for rocking a pair of aviator sunglasses. Those sunglasses are so classy… I feel like they would never go out of style, but I digress.

Despite how great shorts and sandals and perhaps singlets are, you can’t wear those to a friend’s or relative’s wedding. It’s just not very appropriate. OK, maybe under certain circumstances it’s fine. One of those circumstances being if the ceremony is a Hawaiian-style casual beach wedding. When that’s the case, by all means, go with the beachy-iest outfit you got. Other than that, you will probably want to dress up a little. And maybe even suit up for a more formal event. As a guest, it is courteous for you to dress up according to the host’s standard.

So, what exactly should you wear to a summer beach wedding as a guest? Dressing up for a summer wedding is somewhat more difficult than doing the same for a spring or fall wedding because you have one more factor to consider: the heat and humidity. Even if your suit jacket is made of light material, chances are you’ll still be sweaty before the other wedding guests arrive. And I hope you’re not in one of those locales with high humidity. Heat and humidity is one of the worst combinations ever and will make you feel very uncomfortable.

Summer Beach Wedding Male Guest Outfits Gallery

White shirt, dress pants and boots

When picking out an outfit to wear to a beach wedding, don’t just focus on what you want to wear. The season, venue, and theme are crucial to a 10/10 outfit. However, while we can plan for the perfect outfit, not all of us have everything we need in our wardrobe to achieve the look. When that happens, check out the beach wedding collection on Ties.com. It has a diverse collection of men’s accessories curated for beach events: such as ties, tie bars, bow ties, pocket squares, and more. Be sure to check that out — you might just find the missing piece that will complete your look.

coral tie

Above: Tioga skinny tie in coral color. One of the items found in Ties.com’s beach collection.

Blue blazer, wool dress pants, leather dress shoes, red tie

Blazer, print polo shirt, trousers, scarf

White shirt, green short pants

White button-down shirt, blazer, blue trousers, loafers

White mandarin collar shirt, wool dress pants, sneaker

Gray wool blazer, blue dress pants, belt, brown dress shoes

White shirt, blue short pants, espadrilles

Ralph lauren polo white shirt, brown khaki pants

White shirt, chinos pants

White shirt, beige blazer, white trousers, boat shoes

White shirt, brown trousers, sneaker

White shirt, sunglasses. beige short pants

Blue blazer, white shirt, white trousers, belt

White shirt, gray trousers, white sneaker

Gray blazer, black tee, white dress pants

White button-down shirt, olive green pants, loafers

White shirt, chinos pants, white sneaker

White mandarin collar shirt, blue dotted trousers, white sneaker

White shirt, print tie, leather belt, black dress pants, leather shoes

White shirt, dark blue short pants, brown belt, boat shoes

White shirt, beige print short pants, white sneaker