Summer Street Outfit Ideas for Men

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During the summer, shorts and t-shirts are just fine. However, if you want to create a more stylish summer street look, here are some guidelines for your reference. Our curated gallery of men’s summer street outfit ideas will definitely inspire your next summer fashion style.

Men’s Outfit: Summer Street Style

Guess what? Summer is here and we know a lot of people love summer. Singlet, shorts, polo shirt, and baseball cap are the summer fashion items you will see a lot during this season. But we definitely do not want to look like a hobo. So how can we look cool and stylish by just wearing a singlet, short pants, or cap?

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Men’s Summer Outfit Essentials

We need essential fashion clothes to create the summer look. Let’s get started with what we need for the summer wardrobe.

The Fitted Shorts

If you have to stay outside for a longer period, a fitted, flat-front short will be a nice option to choose for. Chino shorts have gained some attention since last year, go for a stretch style shorts to look slimmer on the bottom part. Khaki shorts are another neutral option, but you don’t have to play it safe. A pair of athletic shorts or denim shorts are perfect for all sorts of casual activities.

The Fitted Shirts

Not all fabrics are suitable to be summer outfits. You should always go for breathable materials like cotton or linen for your shirts and t-shirt during summer. Any kind of t-shirt works well in summer but we recommend the white t-shirt because white color reflects heat and keeps you cool.

If you have to wear a little class for an event, you have three options: long sleeve button-down shirts, short-sleeve button-down shirts, and polos. For long sleeve button-downs, go for lightweight linen for long sleeves. For short-sleeve button-downs, keep it light and keep it breezy as well. Patterned short sleeves are very fashionable but avoid the bowling shirts and Hawaiian shirts as you are not going to dress like a weekend dad for a classy event. As for polos, pair it with chino shorts, and you have just nailed your casual summer look.

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The Fitted Pants

Although it seems a little silly for discussing jeans in summer fashion article, jeans are the only fashion item that you can wear it all year long. Go for ripped jeans for extra ventilation. There is no strict restriction on the color of jeans during summer, but black jeans will always be the safest option.

Chinos are the best for summer as they were made for warm weather. Pick the color that can match everything on your body like olive green, gray, blue, or anything that is a dark color.

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The Shoes

There are many options for men’s summer footwear. Vans and boat shoes are the most famous among all. White color is the most appropriate, while still giving a bit of a pop. As for socks, it is either no-show or mid-calf. White or black socks work best for white sneakers, but gray is an acceptable option.

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Summer Street Outfit Ideas Picture Gallery

We have curated more than 30 summer street outfit ideas for men to provide some inspo on what to wear and what to invest in this summer. We hope you will enjoy the street outfit ideas we’ve picked for you.

Street wear, jeans, sneaker

Street wear, jeans, white sneaker, baseball cap

White singlet, jeans, sneaker

Hawaiian shirt, singlet, dress pants, sneaker

Hawaiian shirt, short jeans, sneaker

Green singlet, jeans, sneaker

Street wear, jeans, sneaker

Street wear, shirt, singlet, jeans, sneaker

Street wear, green singlet, jeans, sneaker

White tee, jeans, sneaker

Pink tee, short pants, sneaker

White tank top, jeans, sneaker

Street wear, singlet, short jeans, sneaker

Street wear, white tee, chinos pants, sneaker

Street wear, overshirt, print tee, short pants

Street wear, Hawaiian shirt, jeans, hat

Street wear, tank top, fedora hat, jeans, boots

White shirt, short jeans, sneaker, snapback hat

Street wear, singlet, sport pants, sneaker

Street wear, white singlet, short jeans, sneaker

Street wear, singlet, jeans, sneaker

Print shirt, short pants, fedora hat

Street wear, print shirt, jeans, fedora hat

Street wear, white tee, short pants, sneaker

Print tee, short jeans, sneaker

Street wear, white shirt, short pants, sneaker
Street wear, white tee, jeans, sneaker

Street wear, white tee, jeans, hat

Street wear, checked shirt, jeans, sneaker

Blue tee, jeans, sneaker

Gray tee, jeans, sneaker

Street wear, white tee, suspender, jeans, sneaker

Street wear, pink shirt, short pants, sneaker

Street wear, white shirt, jeans, sneaker

Street wear, print shirt, chinos pants, sneaker