9 Style Tips for Teen Guys

Style Tips For Teen GuysPHOTO CREDIT: @converse, @google

You don’t have to spend money to become a stylish teenager. In this style guide for teen guys, you will find practical tips that will help you become more stylish and fashionable. Learn simple hacks that will make you more approachable instantly and fashion pitfalls to avoid.

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Practical fashion guide for teen guys

Adolescence is one of the most important phases of a boy’s life. This is where most relationships start, where people get a general idea of what kind of person you are, and where you make long lasting friendships that will go on for years if not forever. That being said, making a great first impression is very critical. Years down the line, you wouldn’t want to attend your high school reunion only to be referred to as “that guy who looked like the year 1993”, or have yourself look through your teenage photos only to burn it to ashes and clean your eyes with holy water. Sure, they might not be that harsh, but you get the idea. To avoid these scenarios, We’ve compiled a list of fashion tips into a comprehensive style guide to help a teenager such as yourself so that you’ll always look your best.

Below you will find simple, no-nonsense style tips that will help you identify that style that suits you the most.

Style Tip 1. Get the right hairstyle. One that fits your face and body.

Style tip #1 get the right hairstyle like Harvey Petito 1
PHOTO CREDIT: @harveypetito

Having a trendy hairstyle does not mean that you have the right one. Imagine the action movie star, Vin Diesel can rock that bald look, but have you ever thought about what he would look like with shoulder-length hair?

Okay maybe that’s too far, you’ll never be able to take it off your mind now, purify yourselves, but you get the point. Just because undercuts are in these days does not mean that they will suit you, this is the same for every haircut that you might find cool on someone else. Sure you could get the exact same haircut as Chris Pratt, with all the styles and textures, but does it actually suit you? The answer is it may or it may not. You will want to find a hairstyle that fits your hair color, the shape of your face, and your facial features. Read this post to get inspiration for the perfect hairstyle.

Another thing is you want your hairstyle to be an integral part of your overall look. If your hair stands out too much, you could be doing something wrong. Your aim is to get people to notice you, not just your hair. Take a look in the mirror and see your overall body type, does your hair make your head look too big? If it does, a thinner hairstyle may suit you more, and vice versa if you think your hair makes your head look too small. Another thing you could try is to determine your face shape and see which hairstyles fit you best.

Style Tip 2. Sleeve length – try shorter sleeves but not too short

Style tip #2 try shorter sleeve length like what Justin Livingston wears 1PHOTO CREDIT: @justinliv

We’re not saying that long sleeve shirts are bad, but you can’t always go out with long sleeves. Eventually, the climate will either be too hot or you just don’t feel like wearing one.

This tip applies for those shirts we commonly wear on any occasion, whether you’re off to hang out with your friends or just thinking of what to wear to school, the short sleeve tees are the way to go. Now we all know how they usually look, they usually cover most if not your whole bicep, let’s avoid that. The aim here to get short sleeves that show your biceps, and no you don’t even have to be fit to nail this. They just look more pleasing to the eye in general, regardless of the body type, shorter sleeves give the illusion of making you look slimmer. Make sure it isn’t too short though, we’re not going for tank tops here, but get something around this length. It’s simple, it’s cool, and it definitely brings out that teenage spirit in you.

Style Tip 3. Avoid overly-complex graphics t-shirts

Style tip #3 avoid overly complex graphics t-shirt 1

There’s always those shirts with really nice big graphics on them (for example, Ed Hardy) and sometimes we can’t deny how they look cool, but unless you plan on going to a concert, you might want to try avoiding shirts with a lot of graphics.

Having a lot of them all over your shirt gives you this dirty, rugged look as compared to the neater, fresh vibe that solid colors can give. We are not saying that graphics t-shirts are all bad, we are just saying they are harder to work because of how much they stand out. Simple graphics are fine — it can help make the outfit less bland but you should probably avoid t-shirts with like an eastern-style dragon wrapping its heads and tails around the shirt.

Style Tip 4. Avoid repetitive patterns unless you know what you’re doing – they are double-edged swords

Style tip #3 avoid repetitive patterns 1

A lot of boys these days seem to go for these shirts and polos with small repetitive patterns. It’s not that hard to find these types as you walk through the mall, you will often see them on an undercut, shorts and a polo shirt with small patterns all over.

It’s more or less a trend really, but that doesn’t make it good. A lot of teenage boys always go for this look even though it doesn’t suit them just to fit into the trend. Avoid this, think about how you’re going to stand out when everyone looks and dresses the same. You’ll end up falling for a timely stereotype that won’t stand through the test of time instead of looking your best at any day and age.

Style Tip 5. Avoid baggy, below-the-knee shorts

Style tip #5 avoid baggy and below knee shorts 1

Yes, those baggy cargo shorts have to go. Those long, wide shorts that cover your whole knee make you look shorter.

This is not to say that the shorter your shorts are, the better. You will want to pick ones that cover either half of your knee-cap or a tad bit higher. Wearing below-the-knee shorts only leave a small gap between your shorts and your footwear, thus giving the illusion that you have short legs, the opposite gives you a fresh and cooler look.

Style Tip 6. Posture matters – don’t slouch

Style tip #6 posture matters 1

Heed my words because this is critical. Engrave it in your mind that a bad posture can make even the best outfits look terrible.

There are men who can wear anything and still look good. Now try to notice what they all have in common. Disregarding the facial features, what makes them look good regardless of what they wear? That’s right, it’s posture. You don’t have to force it, but avoid slouching unless you want to look like a modern-day hunchback of Notre Dame. Try your best to get your chest out, pull the stomach in and raise your head a bit.

Style Tip 7. About accessories – accessorize but don’t overdo it

Style tip #7 make use of simple accessories 1

Young men like to wear accessories, that’s an opinion that might as well be considered a fact. Accessories might look really good on their own, but does it look good when they are worn casually?

How about all together? Most of the time, the answer is a big NO. Think about it, on a daily basis, how many people actually wear a spiky wristband or maybe even a necklace that looks like it was straight out of a Marvel movie? Sure it looks nice and detailed but is it really as good as you think it is though? Eye-catching? yes. Fits with your overall outfit? Probably no. Unless you’re getting cast as the next Ghost Rider,  pick accessories that don’t draw too much attention alone. Always remember that the accessories are there to enhance your look, not ruin it. So when choosing an accessory, make sure that it also goes well with the outfit you’re wearing.

Style Tip 8. Experiment with colors – there are more colors than just black and white

Style tip 8 experiments with colors 1

A lot of teenagers, whether a boy or a girl, are inclined to the colors black and white. We honestly can’t blame them. Black makes you look thinner, and white makes you look neat. To top it all off, they fit with mostly anything, so what’s not to like? While these colors are usually a decent choice, relying on them too much can make you look bland.

Try experimenting with different colors now and then, you’d be surprised by how noticeable it is when you try out something new for a change. Be wary of color schemes, we don’t want you looking like a clown now do we? Pick a good solid color, maybe even a flat one and try it out. If you’re really conservative with colors, try earth tones — they look natural and are really comfortable for the eyes.

Style Tip 9. Let your confidence be your guide – be confident and embrace who you are

Style tip #9 confident is the king 1

We know what you’re thinking — what does confidence have to do with style? The truth is — a lot.

Notice how professional models always look so confident about what they’re wearing, regardless if it looks silly for us. It almost makes them look cool (and more often than not, it does). When it comes to style, wearing the right outfit is one thing, but the confidence to match it is like the cherry on top. Just take a look at that one friend of yours who looks like he’s suffering constipation every time he poses for pictures. Always be confident in what you’re wearing and know your worth because confidence itself can be a big factor when trying to stand out.