Winter Hairstyles for Men

Men's Winter Hairstyles

We all know Winter is near, and your hair definitely deserves a brand new and trending hairstyle in this bitterly cold season. If you’re brave enough to have a haircut other than “The Usual” one, we’d love to recommend you to have a medium-to-long haircut. As always, in this article, we’ll guide you through the best winter hairstyles for men.

If you have no idea whether you should go for a medium-to-long hairstyle, we can help you to make a decision. If your answers are a ‘No’ for both of the questions below, then it’s time to ask your barber to make a change.

  • Will you need to wash your hair every day during winter?
  • Will you wear/put on your hoodie, cap or beanie hat when you go out?

Probably you would ask us what are the logic here to have medium hairstyles. First, if you do not need to wash your hair so frequently during winter, it means you have less greasy scalp here or probably you’re just too lazy. LOL. Then secondly, if you will put on a cap, beanie hat, or hoodie whenever you go out, then what is the reason to have short hairstyles like short undercut quiff or short french crop that cannot be styled during the entire winter?

Winter Medium-Length Hairstyles For Men

For this category, we’d like to introduce you some of the best haircuts like the loose Quiff, the cropped blunt fringe, the long french crop, and messy fringe that has slightly longer hair to keep your head warm during these cold months.

High Quiff + Taper Cut 1 - winter men's hairstyles
High Quiff + Taper Cut

Mid Skin Taper Fade Pompadour 1 - winter hairstyle
Mid Skin Taper Fade Pompadour

Long Fringe with Thin Hair 1 - medium-length hairstyle for men
Long Fringe with Thin Hair

Side Part + Mid Skin Taper Fade 1
Side Part + Mid Skin Taper Fade

KPOP Mid-Length Curtain Fringe 1
KPOP’s Mid-Length Curtain Fringe

Long Bangs Cut 1
Long Bangs

Angular Fringe 1
Angular Fringe

Slicked Back With Dye Hair 1
Slicked Back + Dye Hair

Mid-Length Side Swept Fringe

Brushed Back with Thick Hair + Taper Cut 1
Brushed Back with Thick Hair + Taper Cut

Long Winter Hairstyles For Men

Long hairstyles are a growing trend as more and more guys try out these cool long hairstyles these days. All you have to do is just grow it all out to a certain length or grow it long on top while keeping your sides and back short and clean cut with a cool fade. The long hairstyles we’d love to recommend are messy pomp fade, side fringe, long pompadour, long undercut, long textured crop with side fringe, and long side part.

Shoulder Length Flow Hair 1 - long hairstyle for guys
Shoulder Length Flow Hair

Long Side Swept Hair 1
Long Side Swept Hair

Man Bun + Beard 1
Man Bun + Beard

Nape Length Flow Haircut 1
Nape Length Flow Haircut

Super Long Side Swept Hair + Beard 1
Super Long Side Swept Hair + Beard

Slicked Back + Samurai Man Bun 1
Slicked Back + Samurai Man Bun

Long flow Hair + Ponytail 1
Long Flow Hair + Ponytail

Long Wavy Flow Hair + Half Ponytail 1
Long Wavy Flow Hair + Half Ponytail

Flow Cut with Thick Hair 1
Flow Cut with Thick Hair

Man Bun 1
Man Bun

Curly + Wavy Winter Hairstyles For Guys

Curly and wavy hairstyles have fewer steps in styling but you need extra care to maintain it so that the hairs won’t tangle. If you would like to try out curly hairstyles during this Winter, we have some recommendations for you, for example, messy undercut for long wavy hair, long wavy slick back, wavy pompadour, curly fringe, afro and side part for curly hair.

Messy Fringe 1
Messy Fringe

Medium Length Wavy Hair 1
Medium Length Wavy Hair

Wavy Quiff 1
Wavy Quiff

Textured Crop + Heavy Fringe 1
Textured Crop + Heavy Fringe

Messy Waves + Tapered Side 1
Messy Waves + Tapered Side

Medium Length Curly Hair 1
Medium Length Curly Hair

Long Fringe + Disconnected Undercut 1
Long Fringe + Disconnected Undercut

Taper Fade + Curly Hair 1
Taper Fade + Curly Hair

Messy Medium Length Curls 1
Messy Medium Length Curls

Long Wavy Hair 1
Long Wavy Hair

Winter Men's Hairstyles - Long to Medium-Length Haircut

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