How to Wear a Beanie Hat

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Thinking of wearing a hat during a bad weather day but don’t know which one to pick? No time to style your hair and rush for a meet up on this chilly month? Luckily, there is always a fashionable item that was designed to fulfill the purposes above – the beanie hat.

The beanie hat comes and goes fast, but it has been dominating fashion all the time with different styles and trends. There are five types of beanie hats that men can try, and we’ll introduce each of them.

Cuffed Beanies

The classic cuffed beanies are one of the most popular hats you will see on the workmen during winter. This hat usually comes with two materials – wool and cotton, but a woollen style will give you more texture and pattern for styling. Cuffed beanies are knitted with extra long materials at the bottom part to allow a fold in material that creates the cuff on the hat.

Fisherman Beanies

The fisherman beanies are relatively new in the men’s fashion trends. This beanie is slightly similar to a cuffed beanie, but the fisherman features a turn-up and sit literally just on the top of your head without covering your ears.

Slouch Beanies

Slouch beanies are the most popular and common beanie hats you’ve seen in men’s fashion. This beanie hat features a longer style that covers your ears and has additional material snuggling down at the back of your head. Slouch beanie is the only beanie that comes without a cuffed brim and it has gained a lot of attention and popularity after people realized David Beckham has regularly worn this style of beanie on the street.

The Bobble Hat

The bobble hat isn’t something very popular in the men’s fashion, but it may come as a surprise to learn that it actually has its roots in the military. The bobble hat features a pom-pom on top of it and often this unique feature is treated as the least manly thing.

High Top Beanies

If you are looking for a bold and fashion-forward beanie hat, High top beanies will be the best option for you. This beanie hat features an extra room on top of the hat, giving a chance that it won’t be able to keep your head warm. Despite high top beanie has become popular over recent years, if you’re more into appearance than practicality, this hat may be the one you’re looking for.

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Green knitted bobble hat, blue peacoat, white shirt, tie, gray cardigan, leather glove 1

Black cuffed beanie hat, white shirt, black tie, gray wool suit, black leather gloves 1

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Gray slouch beanie hat, denim jacket, white tee, blue ripped jeans, blue sneaker 1

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Light gray knitted slouch beanie hat, gray tee, green bomber jacket, blue jeans, Chelsea boots 1

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Cuffed slouchy beanie hat, pinstripe shirt, black tie, gray cardigan, gray blazer 1

Black slouch beanie hat, olive green peacoat, blue jeans, leather boots 1

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Gray knitted slouch beanie hat, hoodie sweatshirt, black leather jacket, ripped jeans, boots 1

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Light gray slouch beanie hat, sweater, green tee, brown overcoat, blue jeans, suede boots 1

David Beckham with black slouch beanie hat, white tee, denim overshirt 1

David Beckham loves to wear beanie hat.

Brooklyn Beckham with pink cuffed slouchy beanie hat, shearling jacket, print tee 1

His son, Brooklyn also wear beanie hat.

Justin Timberlake with black slouch beanie hat, sport jacket, black tee, black jeans 1

Justin Timberlake with his favorite beanie hat.

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