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If you’ve unintentionally forgotten Valentine’s Day is going to happen on this week’s Thursday, then you should start thinking what kind of gift to prepare, what to wear, which Michelin-starred restaurant to book and how to celebrate on this coming Valentine’s Date. Seriously it is not a disaster yet even though the time left is quite tight for everything. Urban Men Outfits is here to help you with your Valentine’s Day checklist and how you can prepare your Valentine’s Date last minute.

Valentine’s Day Checklist

Let’s start doing the most important task first.

1. Make Reservation at Restaurant / Prepare The Food

It is not easy to secure a reservation when Valentine’s Day is so near but you can always try your luck to call in. Check out the list of restaurants available here.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner in NYC
Romantic Valentine’s Day Restaurants in Los Angeles
Find Your Table for Valentine’s Day (Worldwide)

If you have the budget concern or cannot secure a booking, your backup plan will be The Staying In Date. However, you gotta make sure you know how to cook the food. We definitely don’t want you to burn the kitchen during Valentine’s Day.

2. Prepare the Romantic V-Day Gift

Forget all kind of gifts at the last minute. Go for flowers, it never goes wrong.

Free Flower Delivery at Bouqs
Valentine’s Day Flowers from $19.99

Remember to call the florist to check their delivery time before ordering.

3. Choose Valentine’s Day Outfits

You don’t have to wear like you’re going to attend a wedding party, but at least it should look slightly more formal than casual.


If you’re wearing a formal suit during your day job, change the suit jacket to blazer or sports jacket before the date can make your style more casual and doesn’t look like you are meeting with clients.

Opt for separates in complementary colors, subtle patterns or a dressed-down double-breasted jacket if you want something different. If you’re living somewhere with a cold climate, we recommend you to wear a roll neck or crew neck sweater under the jacket instead. A pair of classic black Derbies or Chelsea boots will complete the dating look and maybe add a neatly folded pocket square if the restaurant’s particularly high-end.

How to dress on Valentine’s Day? Choose blazer or sports coat.


If your date will end up on the dance floor or bars or cinema, you should consider a little more rock n roll with your get-up.

Your style should make an impression to let her know how serious you are on Valentine’s Day. Start with a printed button-down shirt or a lightweight patterned knit, then complete the look with a slim pair of dark jeans and some fancy footwear like Chelsea boots or Wingtip brogue boots.

How to dress on Valentine’s Day? Opt for printed shirt.


If you don’t have any sumptuous jacket or printed shirt or fancy footwear, open your wardrobe now and start thinking about what kind of combination that can leave some good impression. Even you only have a casual t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers, you still can make a difference in your style by adding a fedora hat, bracelet, necklace, watch, scarf, or shades.

How to dress on Valentine’s Day? Wear whatever you are comfortable with.

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4. How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

There are millions of ways to celebrate this special day, just make sure whatever you’re going to do is romantic so that she/he will have the most unforgettable memory on this year’s Valentine’s Day.

Check out this 5 Last-Minute Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2019 suggested by Korey Lane if you really have no idea what to do on that day.

The Final Touch

Now you have everything ready, but do not forget your grooming routine is extremely important!

First, wear perfume. But be careful about applying too much. Apply it on your neck and wrists to activate and maximize the scents. Consider giving your shirt a tiny spritz can attract your partner to come a bit closer.

Second, make sure you trim your beard, especially when you are going to have many intimate kissings with your partner during Valentine’s date. Unless your partner loves kissing with the beard, otherwise it might ruin your partner’s mood.

Third, have a nice hairstyle. Getting a nice haircut last minute is nearly impossible, so what you can do now is apply some hair gel, comb it neatly then you’re great to go!

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