10 Pre-Date Grooming Tips for Men

Pre-Date Grooming Tips For Men

If you’ve been doing your daily grooming routine properly, then congratulations! You are ready for your date without any worries. If you are not, then you should pay attention to our easy-to-follow pre-date grooming guide below so that you won’t ruin your date before it’s even begun. Here are some pre-date tips about grooming you shouldn’t miss.

Pre-Date Grooming for a Successful Date

Is a well-groomed guy more likely to fare well on a date? The answer is always a ‘yes’. I mean, men or women, who don’t like their date to look neat?  You can’t always please everybody but the least you could do is make a good impression.

Men’s Pre-Date Grooming Guide

Whether you’re preparing for your first date, Valentine’s Day dinner, or your 10th-anniversary date night, here are some tips / checklist to make sure that you’re prepared for the occasion.

Let’s start at the top. Your hair.

Tip 1. Get a Nice Haircut

Ideally, you should visit a hair salon every month. But we get it –there are other priorities in life that are more important than getting a haircut.

However, if your hair looks like it’s out of control, consider paying your hairstylist a visit. We recommend that you go for a trim at least a few days before the date. As much as we love the men and women who work on our hair, sometimes accidents happen and our hair may not turn out the way we imagine it to be. It could shake your confidence if the bad haircut happens a few hours before the date happens. Appearing unconfident in front of your date is one thing. More importantly, you might not be able to enjoy your date to the fullest. Remember, the date should be enjoyable for both you and your date. Another tip is don’t drastically change your hairstyle. Just go for a trim. There are times when it’s fun to experiment but this is not one of those times.

If you are not confident at styling your own hair, your hairstylist can sort that out for you. Provided that you have enough time for a quick detour to the hair salon on the way to pick up your date.

Tip 2. Take a Shower

You already know this but taking a shower is not just a pre-date ritual, it should be a daily routine to make sure your hair and body are clean.

Styling your hair is a must. A properly styled hair makes you more attractive to your date. Washing your hair the day helps remove excess oil that may prevent your hair product from working properly.

Tip 3. Wash Your Face

Different men have different face skin types. Your skin can be categorized into oily, dry, or combination. You should know what is your skin type and select your skincare products accordingly.

Of course, you shouldn’t be picking and trying new skincare products right before your date. That can happen some other time. For now, just stick to your trustworthy face wash and make sure that your face is clean. Remember to apply lotion after drying your face to keep it moisturized and kissable.


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4. Groom That Beard

We are not going to ask you to shave it. Some men can really rock a beard or a mustache. However, without proper maintenance, it can look like a forest on your cheeks — smelly, frizzy and all over the place. Need some inspiration on beard styles? Check out our beard style board on Pinterest. Feel free to experiment in the days leading up to the date, but the closer you are to the date, the more conservative you should be in making changes. For example, going from bearded to beardless is a huge change in your appearance and your date may not be ready for that change. If you’re going through a patchy phase with your beard, you may be tempted to shave it off for the date — don’t! It’s just a phase that your beard is going through and you shouldn’t sacrifice it just for a date.

Tip 5. Trim Off Nose Hair

There’s only one place where nose hair belongs. And that is in your nostrils. Not at the entrance and definitely not on your upper lips. Some people find that annoying but even if your date is really accepting, she would probably still find that distracting.

To solve this problem, you can use a nose hair trimmer or a fingernail scissor that have an angle on the end to trim excess nose hair.

Tip 6. Brush Teeth before the Date

Good breath is one of the key factors for a successful (first) date. Having a fresh breath is a must. You don’t want the girl walking away because of your bad breath smell.

This means you have to brush and floss your teeth. Flossing is important because toothbrushes alone can’t reach areas between teeth. For a truly fresh smelling breath, gargle with some mouthwash.

Tip 7. Get your sweat in check

For those of you who sweat a lot, antiperspirant is your best solution to fix this problem. For maximum effectiveness, you should apply it before going to bed. The researcher proved that this gives active ingredients the time they need to work before you need to face the day. Read also: 5 Must-See Style Tips for Short & Hefty Men

Many people do not like the stickiness of antiperspirant spray under their armpit. But comparing the sweat stain under your armpit throughout the date night or the temporary stickiness on your armpit, which option would you choose?


Tip 8. Keep Your Hands Clean

If you get a chance to hold the girl’s hands and she realizes your nails are too long with some dirt inside, what score do you think you will get after this? Trim your nails regularly so that the dirt does not accumulate on them.

Keep a pair of clippers in your office bag just in case. Also, make sure to wash your hands before and after taking your foods.

Tip 9. Take care of your feet

Even though our feet are hidden throughout the date, we still have to keep the hygiene of those feet regularly. Who knows you might get an invitation to her room after the party?

When you are taking a shower, never forget to wash between the toes. These areas are prone to accumulating bacteria that could potentially lead to some foot problems like athletes foot. Remember to trim the foot nails weekly.

For men with sweaty feet problems, you can apply some body powder before wearing socks. Related: check out these shoes men should own.

Tip 10. Wear a Clean and Sophisticated Dating Outfit

Wearing a clean outfit will give you a good impression. But you should try to go for a date night outfit that adds extra points to your look. A baggy and ugly t-shirt that has been wear for years definitely won’t help in getting any positive impression from the girls.

Try the outfit combination which is slightly formal like a blazer on top of a shirt with jeans. Wear a nice pair of shiny and elegant dress shoes or suede boots to add the stylish element on your look.

Men's Grooming Tips Before a Date
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