Style Tips for Chubbier Men

We all want to look our best but what do you do if you are overweight chubby? Well, tighten up that belt and let’s explore some style & fashion tips and tricks that will help you look amazing by making a few changes to your wardrobe and the way you present yourself.

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Start With the Fit

Proper fitting clothes are essential to appearing more stylish and attractive in whatever you wear. Clothes that are too tight-fitting shout that you are overweight but baggy and ill-fitting clothes are bad too.

One of the best ways to ensure a proper fit is to go and try things on before you buy them. Many times you say to yourself, “I know my size, I’ll just buy it and wear it.” Wrong! Get the clothes off the rack and get into that dressing room and make sure the clothes fit the way you want them. Look in the mirror, do they fit? Do they look nice and look like they fit?

Once you buy the right and proper size take them to a seamstress or tailor for any modifications like hemming pants.

Fashion Tips to Follow and Mistakes to Avoid

Colors and Stripes

It may seem basic but colors and stripes go a long way in giving you a slimmer and more stylish look. Dark colors are always the best and black offers the most slimming look. Avoid whites and bright colors as they can make you look larger and draw attention to every curve and flaw.

Stripes? If you must wear stripes, vertical stripes give a thinner look than its horizontal counterpart. However, vertical stripes with clothes that are too tight can accentuate your chubbiness.


Button up shirts are better fashion-wise than golf or polo shirts. Wear button-up shirts that give you enough belly room. If your buttons are straining the buttonholes, then it’s time to buy some new shirts.

If you can afford it, find a good tailor and have them make a few shirts for you. These days, there are even ways to order tailor-made shirts online but you are responsible for the measurements. Finding a local tailor is best. I have a few tailor-made shirts and as a somewhat “heavy” guy these have been some of the best investments in my life.

With shirts, wide collars look better than narrow collars particularly if you have a large neck. Also, make sure that you get the proper collar size as you don’t want your shirt to appear to be choking you.

With golf and polo shirts buy ones that are not too tight and loose around the belly, collar, and sleeves. Remember that dark colors and vertical stripes are important.


First, get those pants off your stomach area and down around your waist where they belong. Now chances are that once you do this the pants will be too loose at the waist and too long. Go find a seamstress and get them hemmed to the proper length and taken up in the waist.

Remember our original statement to start with the fit. I can’t emphasize it enough but fit is very important in looking more stylish.

With pants, like shirts, dark colors are preferable and it is best to avoid stripes at all except for a “fine waled” corduroy. And yes, corduroy is back in style so these could be the perfect pant’s option for us chubby guys!



Wide ties are the way to go. Just like a wide tie would look funny on skinny folks, a skinny tie would be equally comedic on a bigger man.  Also, be mindful of the length of your tie; a properly-tied tie should extend slightly below the belt. Ties will make you look slimmer and will hide those strained-button holes and ill-fitting shirts around the stomach area. Needless to say, you shouldn’t be wearing a tie with anything other than a shirt.


If the holes in your belt are showing strain, or if you are down to the last hole in your belt, then it’s time to change belts. When buying a new belt you may want to look at those with the “auto press buckle.” These are primarily worn as a formal belt but they look much more stylish than the single-tongue buckles with holes as they have no visible holes. By buying the proper length they can be adjusted as you gain or lose weight.


Want to cover that double chin or chubby neck? A properly groomed-beard can help with that. Beards are back in vogue and are definitely something for the chubby guy to consider on his path to becoming more stylish. On this note, we would like to point out that growing and keeping a beard also works tremendously well for a bald / balding man in terms of adding style points.

Stand tall – your posture matters

One of the simplest things you can do to improve your stylish appearance right now is to stand tall and consider your posture, even while sitting. As I’m typing this, I’m slouching in my chair and I should definitely sit properly. Anyway, throw those shoulders back and hold that head high. You may be chubby but you can be proud and that attitude and posture can go a long way into making you feel and look more stylish!