13 Ways to Make You Look Taller

If we were born short, there is pretty much nothing we can do on our height except embrace it.

However, for a country that sells > 80% of its men outfits for taller guys, we found out that it is quite often shorter men would need a tailor for clothes alteration. This is so-called the short man taxes aka the tailor tax.

But we want to show you how to eliminate this unnecessary cost by teaching you these 20 awesome fashion tips on how to look tall for short men.

How to Look Taller: 13 Tips

Scroll down below for 13 awesome fashion tips on how to look tall, the short men’s style secrets revealed.

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Secret #1 Dress monochromatically

Wear a single color (e.g. all-black outfit) or a single pattern for entire outfits to avoid the breaking of the body line.

wear monochromatic outfits to make your body look longer

Secret #2 Skip the Men In Black Look

Too many black elements in one style will shrink you down and make you look smaller than you are.

No men in black outfits

Secret #3 Keep your shirts shorter

A shorter shirt will balance your body look, and avoid to let people think if you have picked the wrong shirt.

Wear fitted shirt or tee shirt

Secret #4 Keep your hair short, too

Short hair can help in elongate your neck and chin and make you look taller than usual.

Keep the hair short

Dave Franco showed a good example of keeping short hair, the entire outfits with short hair give people the impression that he is not short. By the way, Dave Franco’s height is just 5 feet 7 inches.

Secret #5 Grab a low-contrasting footwear

Shoes have a lengthening effect, but it can only be achieved if shoes don’t contrast too heavily with your pants. The low contrast will visually help in elongating your leg.

Wear low-contrasting footwear

Secret #6 Choose a ‘no break’ look in your trousers.

No break cut creates a stylish and continuous line, from the top of your pants to the bottom will help in elongating your legs. If you choose a pair of low contrast shoes, it will create a longer line.

Wear no-break trousers

The picture below is the best comparison to identify the difference between a full break and no break pants. You can see the model with full break trousers creates a clumsy appearance while the model with no break pants gives a smart and professional look.

Formal suit with full break and no break trousers

Secret #7 Go for a good fit

Pants are the major factor to look taller because you wear them on your legs. Always choose high rise pants so that your body doesn’t cut into half when you tuck in your shirt into a low-rise pants.

Choose trouser fit

Secret #8 Learn the proportions of suit for short men

If you choose the wrong suit, you might end up wearing a baggy suit that will create a baggy look. Always take these 5 points as your guidance: shorter jacket, narrower lapels, slimmer sleeve width, higher buttons, and medium-rise pants.

Understand the proportions of suit for short men

The picture below is a guide to finding the right fit into your frame.

A guide to finding the right suit

Secret #9 Invest a long topcoat

Topcoats should fall to the mid-thigh area only, as it will help to lengthen the torso and create height. But always remember to choose monochromated or a similar shade, it will create a streamlined look with the topcoat.

Wear a long topcoat

Secret #10 Cleverly use the accessories

This is not a secret that every man knows how to use accessories to break an outfit. Sock color should be as close as your pants. Choose a slimmer belt with less contrast to your outfits, wear skinny ties, and use a hat too to create height visually.

Use the men accessories like hat and belt

Secret #11 Add visual length

For short men, the vertical line always the best pick, it helps elongate the body, and add the appearance of visual length. Remember never choose horizontal lines that will lengthen your body horizontally.

Put some visual length on shirt

Secret #12 Avoid square toe shoes

Shoes with square toes not only create an old-fashioned look but also make your feet look stumpy.

Avoid square toe shoes

Choose curved toe shoes: (picture below is monk strap dress shoes)

Curved toe leather shoes

Secret #13 Know your tailor

Find a nice tailor and ask them to amend your outfits based on your height.

Know where to find your tailors