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A Guide to Wedding Bow Ties

It’s your wedding day or that of your friend, and you’ve spent enough time deciding what to wear. You’re wearing a suit, a button-down shirt, and a tie. But do you use a bow tie or a regular tie?

When it comes to little details, people often find it challenging to pick something that honors the wedding without downplaying their personality. Luckily, we’ve got different bow tie options and a few other tips that can help you choose.

Wedding & Bow Ties

Can you wear a bow tie to a wedding? Yes, you can. You can wear bow ties either as the groom himself, a member of the groom’s entourage (i.e. the groomsmen) or as an attending guest.

The common practice before is for the groom to wear a bow tie and the groomsmen to wear regular neckties. However, people have adopted bow ties because of their simplicity and distinctiveness. The accessory hints at intellectualism and lends to a gentlemen’s appearance. Apart from this, it catches the eye, allowing people to remember your face.

Bow ties don’t get in the way. A bow tie will never get caught in the car door, or blow up in your friend’s face. Also, you don’t need to spend significant time trying to knot the tie.

Tie or bow tie?

There are not many circumstances when you need to follow neckwear rules, especially about ties. The most obvious thing you must consider is the context in which the tie is being worn.

A necktie is ideal for a laid-back or casual atmosphere. On the other hand, a bow tie is better for a formal event where you want to be slightly overdressed than too casual. Since bow ties are less common, they make more impact with the crowd.

Self-tie or clip-on?

So, for the record, self-tie bow ties are those you tie yourself, while clip-on ties are pre-knotted and fastened together using a clip.

A self-tie bow tie is adjustable, stretches, and has a lining for stability. You can experiment with different knot styles to add whatever creative personal touch you want to your appearance. As expected, it requires time, patience, and practice to knot a self-tie bow tie properly. However, it is a better alternative for adults.

Conversely, a clip-on bow tie is not adjustable. It features metal clasps that either clip or hook directly onto the collar of a shirt. This type of tie is ideal for only toddlers and infants that can’t sit long enough for you to knot their piece.

Should guests wear a bow tie?

A wedding guest can wear a bow tie, especially if you want to make a statement about your style and look. Since you will probably dress up for a wedding only a few times a year, you better make the most of it. Even if the dress code specifies a formal black tie, you can still pair a nice bow tie with a tuxedo suit.

The best answer to this question however is to make a call to the organizer. Or send them a text because chances are they’ll be busy if the wedding is just around the corner. However, in the event where you can’t reach the organizer, the best bet is to avoid the exact look as the groom. For example, if the dress code isn’t formal, go with a suit and tie combo that are not black and white, such as navy suit with maroon bow tie or beige suit with gray bow tie.

Bow Tie Selection

Below is a list of bow ties for different types of weddings.

1. Classic Formal

classic formal bow tie

This black self-tie bow tie is ideal for every event that requires you to wear a black tie. Interestingly, it is available in 30 different colors for flexible selection. The tie is 100% silk, and once tied, projects the bow’s natural lines, slight asymmetry, and shape that can’t be matched by a necklace. The tie folds well and is easy to use.

2. Traditional Formal

traditional formal bow tie

Use this solid silk bow tie to add an uncomplicated statement to your outfit. It comes with twill weaves that give a modern flair to your appearance and is available in 11 other colors. The bow tie is timeless and classic design makes it suitable for formal, business, and wedding wear.

3. Playful

the playful bow tie

Add a bit of pop and glamor to your outfit with this purple and gold striped self-tie bow tie. The product is made of 100% woven polyester. It is easy to wear and maintain. The tie is an all-weather accessory that will outlast the season, and it has a classic appearance that is suitable for various styles and occasions. For example, you can match it with suspenders, tuxedos, and suit shirts.

4. Preppy

preppy katy tie

The Katy White self-tie bow tie is available in gray, white, and maroon diagonal stripes to give you a modern and classic look in one. Thanks to durable and soft cotton, the bow tie won’t fall apart after a few uses. It is also comfortable to touch and wear, which makes perfect for an event or a gift. The availability of various colors also means you can complement different types of wear with the same bow style.

5. Pink Aesthetic

baby pink bowtie

This pink pre-tied bow tie is another excellent accessory you can wear to a formal event. However, if you are not a fan of pink, you can select from 23 other bright colors. The 100% silk tie has a luxurious satin shine and will fit up to a 21-inch neck. It is also pre-tied to guarantee a perfect knot without spending too much time on the process. Plus, it appears more symmetrical and is ideal those who find tying and adjusting bow ties too much of a hassle.

6. Beach Wedding

pale lemon bow tie for wedding

Complement your outfit with this solid pale lemon pre-tied bow tie. The microfiber tie has a refined satin finish that provides enough sheen for use at a beach wedding. It is also durable, and all you need to do is adjust the neck strap to fit you perfectly. Put differently, the tie is easy to wear, adjustable, and a perfect fit for bow tie to wear to a Spring or Summer beach wedding.


There are generally three types of bow ties – self-tie, clip-on, and pre-tied. Although they have different appearances and features, you can’t go wrong with any of them for formal events. A bow tie allows you to showcase a bold identity and gives a classic look. If you don’t mind being the center of attraction, go ahead and match that outfit with any of the bow ties we have recommended above.

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